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Gary Wegner's Fully Equipped Festool Shop
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My name is Gary Wegner. Anne and I live in Spokane, Washington. About three years ago we retired from our farm business and moved to the city. I have always been a woodworker, and I've always relied on large table saws. But one has to adapt, right?

We looked at lots of options, but when I found the Festool system, which included the CT 36 E AC (auto-clean) Dust Extractor, I felt I had the answer.

We made the investment and we have not looked back. I don't miss my table saw, because the TS 55 Track Saw is so useful and safe. I use the TS 55 on the MFT Table and on the foam board shown in picture #11. I have broken down 4 X 8 material by cutting on the garage floor on the foam board and it is really slick. I broke down some stock for a contractor friend and he was amazed at the accuracy of the cuts.

My workshop is about 400 square feet in the basement. The shop has a large wood storage rack shown in picture #1. The Kapex, shown in picture #2 is a treasure of craftsmanship. I have to chuckle. When I show it to an experienced woodworker, they think it is like every other miter saw. Boy, are they wrong! After a few example cuts, they are always amazed.

I have all of my tools on rolling workbenches or rolling bases so that I can rearrange things with ease.

I built a fold down table, shown in pictures 3, 6, 7, 10 & 11. I drilled holes around the perimeter, a bit like the MFT Table. With the Festool Clamps, it is a great table for all types of projects.

Another thing I did in my shop was to build a clamp area right behind my Festool MFT Table. The 2 X 4 protrusions (shown in picture 9) really have been helpful. The 2 X 4's are very stable, as they were attached to the studs before I put wafer board on the walls. All of the walls in the shop are 7/16 inch wafer board / sheeting that has been painted. That lets me install things on the wall wherever and whenever I want.

I do have a conventional shop vac for general cleaning. The shop vac and the CT 36 allow me to have a very functional shop "in the house" without causing dust problems. In particular, the small dust particles that can be such a problem for the house and our lungs is just not an issue.

I must mention what a pleasure it is to use my Festool Rotex RO 150 Sander. I have used several orbital sanders in the past. They used up sandpaper fast and were just a pain to use because of all the dust. Respirator, dust everywhere, you know the drill. Now I can sand all kinds of things using the Festool Granat Pads on and on, and have not felt the need for a respirator. What a deal!

My move off of the farm continued the adventure of teaching the next generations of family about woodworking. Our oldest grandson, Nick, is working as a contractor, and doing quite well at it. The youngest, who just turned 6, also enjoys the wood shop. During a recent visit, Kelsen said, "Come on Grandpa, let's go make something. I want to do it!"

Thank you Festool, for making my shop so enjoyable.
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